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The right to leave every country, including one’s own country, is mentioned in the Article 2 of the Protocol 4 of the European Convention on Human Rights. But the right to enter another country and get asylum is not mentioned. In fact, no international treaty obliges a country to grant asylum.

Only one time when a Moroccan citizen was denied asylum in the British Colony of Gibraltar the European Convention on Human Rights caused compensation.
In 1973, a Moroccan Officer (Mohamed Amekrane) applied for a political asylum in Gibraltar. He had escaped from Morocco after having participated in a putsch against King Hassan of Morocco. The putsch did not succeed. But in Gibraltar he was denied asylum. Just one day after he has been denied the asylum he was delivered to Morocco, where he was executed.

The widow of Amekrane and his children asked for a compensation from Great Britain referring to the Articles 5, 3 and 8 of the European Convention of Human Rights. This means that Great Britain should compensate for the lack of right to appeal following the denial of asylum, the inhuman treatment and the non- respect of family life. The widow of Amekrane got 37.500 British Pounds following a negotiation between the British government and the European Commission of Human Rights. Great Britain did not recognize its own guilt but payed “ex gratia”, which means by good will.

(Henrik Døcker: “Menneskeret i Europa”, p. 73)

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